Eastern Shore of Virginia

Rail Trail

Eastern Shore Rail Trail Benefits


Rail trails provide outdoor recreational opportunities

Trails offer natural and scenic views while also providing a safe, cost-effective place to enjoy healthy and sociable activities.

According to the 2022 County Health Rankings, Accomack and Northampton County rank among the least healthy counties in Virginia, with only 11% of residents in Northampton County and 32% in Accomack County having adequate access to exercise opportunities, compared to 78% in all of Virginia.

A study of the GreenBelt trail in Georgia reports that the majority of residents found opportunities for exercise and physical activity more accessible and convenient than before the trail was constructed.

Trail users report it’s easier to find time to exercise, they exercise more frequently, they enjoy moderate or vigorous physical activity, and their overall state of health and physical ability has improved.  Multi-use trails encourage a healthy way of living through safe and accessible recreation, exercise, and social connection.